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Psion Series 3 boxed with full set of manuals.

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Psion, 1991

Donated/on loan from: Andrew Blackmore

Psion Series 3

Psion 3 with manuals

Psion Series 3A

Psion Series 3A

TBC (read more)
Psion, 1993

Psion Series 3c

The third variant to be released within Psion's popular Series 3 range, which began in 1991, the 3c displayed here is a 1MB device running an NEC V30H processor at 7.68MHz. One of the notable advantages of the device was the long life (20-35 hours) that it was able to squeeze out of two AA batte... (read more)
Psion, 1996

Psion Organiser II XP

While 1984's original Psion Organiser had delivered a usable pocket computer, it was the Organiser II that set the standard for what would become known as Personal Digital Assistant devices. The Organiser II was released in three main guises - CM (8K), XP (16K) and LZ (32K). The LCD display on ... (read more)
Psion, 1986